Monday, August 26, 2013

Taking the train, trolley, and bus

On Sunday I took public transportation from San Juan Capistrano to El Cajon. It was great fun. I didn't thick about traffic once. Everything ran smoothly and I even returned home an hour earlier than I anticipated.

I started off on the Metrolink train from San Juan Capistrano to Oceanside, CA. Then I hopped on the Coaster for a nice trip down to Santa Fe station in downtown San Diego (see above photo). I sat upstairs on the Coaster. Very comfortable seats and even tables. Transit officials were very helpful making sure everyone got on the right train and even helped with the ticket machines. It seemed like no time at all until I arrived in San Diego. At the Santa Fe station I boarded the Orange Line Trolley to El Cajon. From there I got on the 848 bus which let me off about 1/2 block from home. Now that I have sampled these options, I can't wait to venture out again.

 Oceanside Transit Center parking
The Oceanside station is close to the beach.

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